The First Day

Well, here I am, finally sitting in my desk with my new notebook and a couple of pens. It’s been  a long way, a really long way. Almost a whole month for the selection process: three interviews and a group dynamic… and I am finally here. All the effort, the patience and the hard work compensated. But now what?

Everything is so unknown… not a familiar face, not a familiar term – what does ATL, BTL, APD and all of that mean??? I don’t understand!- too many words and people… yes, lots and lots of people with different names, and it is impossible to remember all of them.

Then, a couple of meetings, with who? What am I supposed to do…? ask? participate? It’s only the first day! Well, I came here to learn so I’ll just be quiet and try to absorb everything they  say, I’ll take notes – Yes! good idea!- but how many? I’ve got like five pages and nobody else has written anything!

That was the first day, a curious day on my first job. Too many goals and expectations. We’ll see where it takes us, but one thing  I know for sure… success is achieved through effort,  perseverance and determination… 


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