How to convert your customers into your brand prescribers

Is there anything more valuable for a brand than gaining its clients loyalty? No, right?

The biggest accomplishment of a brand is not just getting people to know it, neither to gain a client, but making him come back to us, getting his loyalty and, most importantly, making him reference our product or service to his/her contacts. This exact moment, when he or she starts to recommend your brand, is the first step to convert your customers into your brand prescribers.

The process is very long and complicated, yes, but the final reward is worth the shot. As mentioned before, there is nothing more valuable for a brand than obtaining its clients loyalty. Do you know how to do it? Here are a few tips to accomplish your goal:

1. Create a united and active community
A live organism where its components feel like they are important,  integrated and the feel they belong there, in your community. If you do not interact as a brand and you do not build relationships with your customers, you will hardly get any followers, and even worse, you will not create engagement to your brand. You have to forget your individualism, go out there and build relationships with your customers.

2. Grant them the opportunity to talk
Your followers are alive, they like to express themselves and even more to be taken into account. The only thing you have to do is to pay attention and listen (remember that hearing is not the same as listening) to what they are saying. You could also open special communication channels, more direct, such as video-conferences  or live online-chat. They will feel important for sure.

3. Offer exclusive advantages
With this initiative you achieve a double objective: on the one hand, your customers are going to feel pleased and taken into account. On the other hand, it is an effective marketing strategy; being able to be the first having something increases the desire of actually possessing it.

4. Attend to their suggestions
Try to respond their comments. If they feel they are being listened, the will intensify their participation, contributing with their experience as users. They will facilitate very important information. There is nothing better than knowing first hand your customers opinion.

5. Invite and motivate them to participate in the creation of new products or services
Inform them about the launch of new products, special promotions… Promote the feeling of being included in your community and make them play an important role on the relevant decisions such as the name of a new product, a new flavor or a new advertising campaign.

6. Tell them how important they are for the company
They are the main reason why you are still in business, and therefore, you should not hesitate to tell them. I am sure you would also like to be told that you are an important part of something. They will sure know how to correspond to your gesture. They will feel they belong to the community and that will reinforce their feelings towards it. Don’t be afraid of saying thank you. This is an example of a “Starbucks” campaign where they thanked their consumers when they reached 50.000 fans in Facebook.

If you always have a surprise for them, a new proposal and you count on your customers… they will be excited to know the activity of your brand. The key is to listen to them, and use their information and proposals to make them feel they are important.



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