7 ideas to help your blog look better!

A blog is like a plant. If it is not watered, it will end up dried. Anyways, it is never too late to feed a dying blog. Thanks to MPDaylyfix and a presentations in Slideshare we found 7 easy tips to make your blog look better:


1. Create an editorial calendar

Calendars help bloggers make more predictable the content they publish, and easy to find different categories or topics. It is important that you include the title of your posts, topics or authors as well as the delivery dates.

2. Make the blog easy to “scan”
To accomplish this, your texts and paragraphs should be short. Use lists to organize your content in a visual way as well as infographs and images.

3. Use active words
Active words move the action and attract other readers, used them in your texts as a “hook” for your audience.

4. Talk from human to human
In a blog is very important to be real and authentic. You have to evade not saying anything or just saying boring things. Try to add some value to your content in order to attract more readers.

5. Write headlines that capture your attention
Headlines that are accompained with a little image register a 27% more clicks that those with no image. Same way as when a headline is of approximately 8 words,the rate of clicks increases in a 21%. The ones that start with numbers also help increasing the rate of clicks in a 20%. Furthermore, subtitles register 9% more clicks taht those headlines without any subtitles.

6. Try to always be inspired
Inspiration is found reading news, noting your ideas, opinions and thoughts, searching for online conversations or seeing what others have already done.
7. Take care of your readers
A blogger has always to have in mind that what he posts is 100% for his or her audience. Comments must be responded and you have to make it easy for the user to comment, subscribe or contact your blog.

Original Source: www.marketingdirecto.com


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