To start a business with a low budget is possible!


It is commonly said that to start a business from zero, you need a big budget or capital. Well, that is not true.

In order to start a business, and before having to think about a big budget or initial investment, what is needed is creativity, a vital component when starting your company. Combined with passion, creativity will make the smallest budget a good start for your adventure.


Here you will find some advises and tips about how to start your own business with a small budget:

1. Start your idea at home
Think about all the expenses saved: trips to the office, telecommunication systems, computers… Just find a place where you feel comfortable, fix it and start your putting together what will compose your business base.

2. Use Internet: create a webpage
Use online hosting sites that offer you your own web domain at a low cost, an expense that your pocket may allow. Start your business online with a webpage where you can earn money through advertising. Create a an online shop and distribute from home.

 3. Associate with suppliers
Think in all the opportunities that will open with the search for agreements with suppliers. You can exchange services in different ways which is another efficient way to look for sponsors.

4. Rent first, buy later
You can rent everything, starting with your personal computers, furniture and even machinery. Eventually, when your business starts growing, you will be able to buy.

5. Sell to other business
If you are planning on selling and you do not have the knowledge of the market, you can become a wholesaler. Provide other entrepreneurs with the products they need for their company, to sell in their stores. They will take care of selling to the final consumer.

8.Start with commissioned salespersons
Sign commissioned salespersons that grow their salaries based on their sales. With this incentive system, you will motivate your employees. In the future, when your business is stable, you can sign them and pay them a fixed salary for their services.

9. Look for financing
If the money that you have is not enough, start looking for financing. You can ask friends, family, banks or financial entities. Another possibility is to find a partner with capital and start a partnership together.

Bear in mind that for a partner to accept your proposal, he has to find your business plan attractive (remember, creativity is important), with growth possibilities and expected returns. As a consequence, your business plan has to be clear and well written.

I hope you find this tips interesting  and helpful. Please, feel free to comment or share this!

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