How to Create Selling Headlines


Are you really conscious of how important headlines are in your posts or emails? Have you ever wondered how many potential clients you are loosing because you haven’t captured their attention or for not having invested enough time on creating an interesting headline?

If you want your online business to be successful or your website to be visited and read, you have to become a copywriter and learn the basic techniques for persuasive writing. This means that you will have to be able to structure your texts in a way that your potential clients feel attracted and curious to know your product without you being explicitly selling anything.

As a copywriter, one of the most important aspects to be taken care of are the headlines, which is actually one of the most common mistakes that most entrepreneurs or community managers make. Headlines are vital because it is the first thing to be read by your potential clients. If you don’t manage to be convincing or capture their attention, nobody will keep reading your post and you will start losing potential sales.

To write successful headlines you have to develop your empathy and understand your readers psychology through the following questions: “What is my potential client looking for?”, “What does he need?”, “What are his/her problems and what can I do to solve them?”

Here are some advises to write persuasive headlines:

  • Be attractive and arouse your readers curiosity, try to convince them that it is worth their time to hear what you say. Remember to not reveal the content of your message.
  • Talk to them, not just about your product. Bear in mind that the question that your potential clients are asking themselves before reading your post is: “What does this website offer me?” Well, once you know this, respond directly to your reader and tell them what’s your solution for his/her problem.
  • Tell the benefits of your product in a positive way. Always with positive statements and never using denials.
  • If you have something new to offer, highlight it! Innovation is always catchy. Use words that are related to new discoveries or fun as well as simple phrases. People have no time to figure out complex statements, therefore, if you talk about simple things you will be giving them a reason to follow you.
  • Try to mix up curiosity with the benefits you offer in a single headline. It is complicated, but also important. Invest the necessary time to find the right title for your post or message.
  • Include keywords. Always if possible, they will help your site to be well positioned.
  • Be direct and concise. I’m not asking you to use a single word because you will need a minimum description in your headlines, but if you can say something with three words, don’t say it with four!

As a final advice, and of course important, you should be coherent and always use common sense. What does this mean? Well, don’t promise something on the title that you cannot maintain in the text, because your readers will be disappointed and you will lose your credibility.

I hope these advises are helpful! Please, feel free to comment or share this post!

Thank you for reading it!

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