My Personal Blogging Experience

Well… it has been a little more than two months since I started with this blog and the truth is that the experience has been pretty good. I didn’t know what I was going to do with this blog and I realized it is a good place to share thoughts and things that you find interesting (I guess that is what blogs are for…so it is not a real discovery!).

I have to say that the WordPress format is very cool and easy to manage although it may be confusing sometimes. I discovered a couple days ago that I had over 100 comments marked as spam (I still don’t know why!)   and I didn’t see them till yesterday so I could not respond to them before… sorry to all of you that wrote and were waiting for a reply . I feel that I have to thank every one of you for visiting this blog, commenting and sharing the posts. All of your comments have been very helpful and encouraging, so again… Thank you!

After a few days of posting, I realized that I like to post news and articles about marketing, advertising, companies and social media, among other topics. And while looking for interesting articles or just by creating the content myself, I actually learn a lot about those topics, I’ have improved my writing skills, learned how to use Social Media for advertising your business, how to improve your positioning by building brand reputation and how to engage your audience among many other things. That is why I recommend you to start writing and blogging if you wish because you will not only be aware of what’s going on out there, but you will also learn a lot about those topics and, therefore, become better at what you like. I really think that improving your skills and doing something you like will be very beneficial for your future.

Talking about the future… and just to close this post, I will give you my favorite quote I have it always in mind whatever it is that I am doing :

Success is achieved through effort, determination and perseverance.


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