6 Tips to Promote your Start up Business

A Social Network Strategy is not usually a priority for a new Start up business, but why is that? – Don’t close any doors before you begin! – We should participate in the community, communicate and explain why people should listen to us and most of all, if we believe in our idea, why not promote it?

Seriously, theres is probably not one entrepreneur that’s not passionate about explaining what he is doing and what he wants to change. That passion is the difference between being one more or being noticed. Here are 6 tips to start promoting your new business:

6. Never give up

Promoting your Start up will not be an easy task. But it is for sure easier than any other daily routine that you need to do. In fact, one of the problems is finding the moment to use the Social Networks, A lot of people spend their day on Twitter,it shouldn’t be your style but sending a tweet from time to time will help a lot. 140 characters don’t let you explain a whole business plan but you can share what you are doing and how you are doing.

It is a slow process but if your product or idea is good, you will see a fast growth, but again, it is not easy and requires time so be patient and keep going.

5. Be active but control what you say

Write when you have something to say. There are no rules in Social Media, but sending tweets every second might be annoying and people will start unfollowing. That’s why you should write when you have something to say. Remember to add value to your tweets as well as a little mystery… it always helps to get more clicks and likes.

4. ¡Hello!

The best thing to do in order to start is to  do a little research. A new business must know what’s going on in their industry. This way  you will know what others are doing to capture the attention of potential clients. At the same time you can also check what Social Networks our target audience uses and how we should approximate them.

Also, take a look at other known companies that have no relation with your sector to learn new ways of communication and their methods… – you might implement a similar one to your business!-.

3. Quantity is confusing

Creating a profile is free, but creating a lot of them might be expensive. It is a common mistake to create different profiles in Social Media to talk about different topics. It is already hard to manage and grow a single account… The only thing you will do is to confuse your potential client.

2. Normal attitude

Create connections and establish a conversation like how you will do it with your friends. Be yourself, just like how you should be on a first date. If you act differently and become too expressive or active, you might bore and annoy your followers.

1. Create a community

It is common practice to invite all your friends to follow you, but getting an unknown  “like” is worth a lot more than all of your friend’s likes together. You can look for your followers or you can just wait until they flourish, but in any case, keeping them relies on your ability to create quality content.

Social Media is not just leisure, but it can be used as a tool to improve your business. Knowing how to conect with your audience  and how to engage with it – you can review our topic “How to build an engaged Audience [INFOGRAPHIC] – is a competitive advantage for your business. Use it!

– Original Source: puromarketing.com


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